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Walking in Wonder

...Walking in Wonder...

– Being in motion –

Walking is a metaphor for life. Our self-image may seem to be a constant value, yet our ‘I’ changes with time and experiences. Do you still see and experience yourself as you were years ago? We are always in motion. Even if through our connection with stuff and structures we have the feeling that much stays the same. When you are not too much attached to stuff and structure, it is easier to go where life takes you.

The physical and ‘earthy’ experience of walking is at the same time an invitation to see the world of things a bit looser and airier. When you are walking, your are in motion. Embracing this paradox creates a world of wonder, one of openness and expectation.

That is what this blogsite wants to show, experience and invite. The wonder of our deep human experience in all its beauty through walking

– Blog –

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What it is

What it is

I find it in the forest, during a long walk. I have the urge to find out what it is. But knowing what it is, makes it smaller. It will then fit into a frame of knowledge. How is is it not to know what it is? To just wonder about its colours and shape, about its pure...



The second wave is now a fact. It was a fact already, of course, but the measures taken now make it tangible. It touches all of us and it forces everyone to review their situation and to focus on the now, on today, on the moment. The fear and uncertainty strike again...