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– About me –

My walking history started some 15 years ago, when I was recovering from a hernia. Walking was the only way I could reduce the pain. In the end it became a way of being at ease. It combines physical activity with a meditative attitude. Some walks make me feel tired and most walks make me feel happy. This blogsite relates those experiences; in small stories, metaphors, insights and photo’s. It shows the paradoxes and the simplicity of life.

Walking to me means being aware of the moment, being present to everything that it brings. To me, that is the difference with cycling or boating. I don’t have to control or steer anything, everything that comes my way is welcome. It leads to smaller and bigger insights. The things I meet while walking, are the things I meet in daily life as well. It leads to peace and acceptation.
I have made many long distance walks in the past; many paths in the Netherlands, and also from my home to Santiago de Compostella, and from Ireland to Istanbul. Not having anything on your mind but walking, alone with your thoughts and being, finding a camp site in the evening and cooking a simple meal. Life can become that simple.

That is what I do in my professional life as well. Walking with people in the here-and-now to come to insights and acceptance. Finding the simplicity of life as it unfolds.